The iPhone 5

As we approach the launch of the iPhone 5 next week, . Let the countdown begin!

Another day, another rumour. Yup, that's the everyday life of an Apple fan boy.
Every year, especially approaching June, the internet will come alive with rumours about the most wanted gadget in history: the iPhone. And this year is no different; there have been tonnes and tonnes of rumours going around about the iPhone 5: from the way it looks to what's gonna be under its hood.
When it comes to the iPhone, it's like a circus: people want to know what it looks like before Apple launches it, and they feed on the rumours to satisfy their need to know.
While we wait with bated breath for the actual launch, we scour the Interwebs for all the iPhone 5 rumours that have been swirling around this past year. Some of the rumours have been confirmed to be true, and some, well, are just rumours. So, approach with caution.

Apple will indeed be launching the iPhone 5 on October 4thYes, it has been confirmed: Apple will indeed be launching the latest generation of the iPhone next week. Not the iPad 3, not the latest iPods; the iPhone 5! Together with the launch of the new model, Apple will also be rolling out their new operating system, the much anticipated iOS5, and their state-of-the-art cloud-based service, the iCloud.

An Apple board member suggests that Apple will be launching two iPhonesNow, this rumour is really interesting. Never in the history of Apple have they launched two iPhones in a single year, but it could very well change this year. Former US vice president Al Gore, who happens to be an Apple board member, recently announced that the gadget giants will indeed be launching their "new iPhones" on October 4th. According to Toby Shapshack, the editor of Stuff Magazine in South Africa, Gore reportedly told a packed crowd at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit (DILS) last week: "Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug."
So, if this rumour is true, we will see a souped up "budget" iPhone - called the 'iPhone 4S' or the 'iPhone 4 plus - and of course, the headliner: the iPhone 5

Case-Mate leaks show 'radical changes' on the iPhone 5 Be prepared, Apple fan boys: the iPhone 5 will spot 'radical changes', according to Case-Mate. The accessories maker got so excited about their new iPhone 5 covers; they posted them up on their website before taking them down a few hours later. Whether they did it on purpose or not, Case-Mate had just provided the world with the first glimpse of the iPhone 5. Judging by the shape of the cases and a peek of the hardware underneath, it would appear that the new iPhone will have a tapered edge and a rounded aluminium back, just like the iPad 2.
The iPhone 5 will be stronger, faster and betterIt is very unlikely for Apple to use the same parts for a new model, so we expect the iPhone 5 to have an upgrade under the hood. According to rumours, the new iPhone could very well spot a new antenna - bye bye, Death Grip! - and a faster processor. Several sources have pointed out that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with a 1.2 to 1.5 GHz dual core A5 processor chip (the same chip found in the iPad 2) and at least 1GB of RAM. As for storage, we might be looking at a 16GB and a 32GB model. There could be a 64GB, but very unlikely
The iPhone 5 could be your digital walletWith the recent launch of the Google Wallet, rumours are rife that Apple would incorporate the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology into the iPhone 5, turning your phone into some sort of a debit/credit card. Techeye reported a few months back that Apple has looked into NFC before, so the possibility is there.

However, the Apple launch invite suggests only one iPhone will be launched (we think!)The event invites for the launch have safely arrived on the desks - or inbox, in this case - of editors worldwide. But there is more to the invite than meets the eye, apparently. The first three icons on the invite are pretty easy to decipher. The first icon says that the launch will take place on Tuesday, October 4th. The second icon notes the time of the event, which is 10am - 1am Malaysian time. The third icon notes the venue of the event; in this case, Apple's Cupertino campus in California.
And now, the most important one: the fourth icon! Rumours have been swirling around for almost a year now about the possibility of Apple launching two iPhones next week - one a budget and the other, the iPhone 5 - but the missed call icon on the invite shows the number '1'. That could mean that Apple will only be launching one iPhone next week, just like the previous years.

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