Raycer Powerhouse Go-Karting & Skyline GTR

上个星期,我在 Groupon Malaysia(http://www.groupon.my/),看到卡丁车 ( Go kart )90分钟只有RM90!(原价RM360)




我当然是赶快买 .


Raycer Powerhouse

Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS)
Serdang, Selangor. 43400
Raycer Powerhouse deal presented by Groupon Malaysia
Go-kart specifications
  • 4 Stroke Robin-Subaru engine with 5Zigen exhaust system
  • 8 horsepower, 210cc
  • Top speed of 70km/h
  • Adjustable throttle and brake paddles
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Comfortable tillet seats
  • Medium compound tyres for optimum grip
Pullulating F1 supremos endure a safety briefing where experienced hands instruct on the proper methods of go-karting, including driving technique and how to mow down pesky hitchhikers. Accommodating up to ten drivers per session, the 700m circuit provides ample turns and twists to challenge even the most realistic of race-car simulators. Weary road warriors can take pit stops at the pit stop, recharging internal batteries while providing running commentary and criticism of other less asphalt-savvy participants. Drivers should avoid wearing loose clothing, slippers or sandals, and should not race or bump into other go-karts, or risk invoking the wrath of angry animal mascots.
While Raycer Powerhouse has more than one circuit, this Groupon is only valid at the MAEPS Karting Circuit in Serdang.Phone: 019-333 6110

那一天,晚上七时三十分,我从蕉赖(cheras )去 沙登( serdang )。
我set go kart 的地点进我的Garmin GPS,但问题是我的GPS总是不能去到我要去的地方。我不知道是发生什么事,也许是我没有更新我的Map版本。

我觉得非常遗憾,我所有的朋友都驾跑车,但只有一个人仅仅是驾普通车 :(

介绍其中一辆 Nissan GTR

Model R34 GT-R V-Spec

Layout Front-engine / AWD see left
Drag Coefficient [cd] NA  
Curb Weight [lb (kg)] 3395 (1540) 2440 (1560)
Trunk Space [cu ft. (L)]  NA  
Overall Length [in. (mm)] 181.1 (4600)  
Overall Width [in. (mm)] 70.3 (1785)  
Overall Height [in. (mm)] 53.5 (1360)  
Wheelbase [in. (mm)] 104.9 (2665)  
Track Front [in. (mm)] 58.3 (1480)  
Track Rear [in. (mm)] 58.7 (1490)  
Steering Rack & Pinion; Speed Sensitive Power Ass. 
Turning Radius [ft. (m)] 18 (5.6)  
Tires front 245/40 ZR18   
Tires rear 245/40 ZR18  


Type RB26DETT - Inline-6; Twin-Turbo Charged 
Valvetrain dohc 4-valve/cyl 
Displacement [cc] 2568  
Bore & Stroke [mm] 86.0 x 73.7  
Compression Ratio 8.5:1  
Redline [rpm] 8000  
Max. Power [Bhp at rpm] 280 at 6800 (official) 327 at 6800 (real)
Max. Torque [lb-ft (Nm) at rpm] 293 (400) at 4400  
Bhp/Liter 109 127.3

Gear Ratios

1st 3.827  
2nd 2.360  
3rd 1.685  
4th 1.312  
5th 1.000  
6th 0.793  
Final drive 3.545  


Front MacPherson struts with an additional link, Lower A-Arms, Coil Springs
Rear Mulitlink Setup with Coil Springs, Tube Shocks, Anti-Roll Bar


Front - Brakes 300mm ventilated discs with 4-piston calipers
Rear - Brakes 280mm discs with 2-piston calipers
70 - 0 mph [ft (m)]  148 (46)
60 - 0 mph [ft (m)]  120 (36.6)


0 - 60 mph [secs] 4.9  
0 - 100 mph [secs] 12.3  
1/4 mile [secs at mph] 13.7 at 103.5  
Top Speed [mph] 155  
Lateral acceleration [g]  0.88