Honda CRZ 2012 – Malaysia

之前已经有介绍过 本田CRZ 两次
一次是 马来西亚 Honda CRZ 将上市  
第二次是 Honda CRZ launch in Malaysia

这一次。。是我亲身自己去体会 Honda CRZ 的魅力





3-Mode Drive System

The CR-Z is fitted with a versatile
3-Mode Drive System which allows the driver to choose one of three modes to suit different driving conditions.
Sport mode: More powerful acceleration and tighter steering feedback.
Normal mode: A balance between driving performance and fuel economy.
ECON mode: Prioritises on fuel saving.



The push of a button engages the ECON mode of the CR-Z. The ECON mode makes fuel efficiency the priority and maximises the full potential of Honda's Hybrid Technology.



6-Speed Manual Transmission


Advanced Sports Meter

The Illuminated Advance Sports Meter Cluster is an ergonomically designed panel housing the speedometer with Ambient Meter and provides information like motor assist/battery charge, instantaneous fuel economy and remaining fuel based on current driving style.



1.5L i-VTEC + IMA Hybrid System + 6-Speed Manual Transmission

The 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine comes with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), enhancing the engine for a more powerful acceleration while taking care of the fuel consumption at the same time. The 6-speed manual gearbox is considered the optimum gearbox for sporty driving. With a short shift and firm but light action it delivers flexible gear changes.